Jeremias França is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, is serving through the Global Health Program as Administrator of Chicuque Rural Hospital in his home country of Mozambique.

Mr. França feels that the merits of the church throughout his life have led him to his desire to serve in mission as a vocation. When called to serve at Chicuque Rural Hospital several years ago he realized that God was commanding him to serve the church in Mozambique using his imagination, talents and creativity to take health services to the under-served communities. From this realization The Center of Hope has evolved through Chicuque Hospital. The center's objective is to offer health education and services to communities by teaming up with those communities in education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis and malaria.

Attending Southwest Texas State University, Jeremias earned his degree in healthcare administration. Before his appointment as administrator at Chicuque, Mr. França worked as business director for the Inhambane Provencial Governor's Office and as Deputy District Administrator of Homoine.

"In my faith journey, I increasingly believe and find joy in serving people by preaching the Gospel through actions and words."

Jeremias and his wife are the parents of four sons. The family attends Chicuque Parish in Maxixe.

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Born in Burundi and serving in Mozambique, Dieudonne Karihano is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. He is based in Inhambane and works as an agriculturist and community developer.

As a child Dieudonne was influenced by missionaries and mission activities in his village. He particularly enjoyed summer programs (VBS) as well as a Saturday morning program where the children were encouraged to memorize and recite Bible verses.

Dieudonne earned his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resources from Africa University in Mutare. Shortly before his graduation Dieudonne interviewed with and was accepted into the Missioner of Hope program through GBGM.

Restarting the agricultural program after the civil war in Mozambique was one of Dieudonne's initial challenges. He also assisted in developing curriculum for a professional school and coordinated the agricultural project in Cambine. Dieudonne currently teaches agriculture in a vocational school and seminary and oversees food production for an orphanage and boarding hostels along with his other duties.

"I grew up in church. As a child I loved being at church. I enjoyed visiting missionaries with my mother. It was then that I started having ambition on becoming a missionary,"

Dieudonne is a member of the United Methodist Church in Cambine.

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