Juanita became involved in the mission to Cambodia as a result of the School of Christian Mission's course on the plight of countries in the Mekong Delta and the designation of Cambodia by the General Board of Global Ministries as the fastest growing mission field in the world for Methodists. Juanita made her first trip to Cambodia in January 2003. She has made five trips since, usually lasting about a month. During these visits she has traveled throughout most of the provinces, conducted workshops on teaching methods for faculty and students, facilitated Bible study, worked with district youth in learning about the parables, and concentrated on finding ways the folks at home might help. By far the most successful has been to organize and set up Alternative Giving Christmas Bazaars focusing on allowing folks to choose such gifts as livestock, chicks/ducklings, vegetable gardens, water filters, scholarships for education and vocational training, and help in facilitating hygiene projects and medical care. All are projects intended to help relieve hunger through self-help and sustainable agriculture, as well as encourage leadership skills. During VIM trips to Cambodia, Juanita has visited projects funded by her church (Aldersgate UMC, Alexandria) to check on progress and needs. She is a graduate of the Virginia Theological Seminary and is a retired teacher with a background in the social sciences and theology.

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