Initiatives of Hope (IOH) is the primary mission focus for the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Our goal is to cultivate a mutuality of mission with the Mozambique United Methodist Church, the Brazil Methodist Church and the Methodist Mission of Cambodia.

We seek to build awareness, develop relationships and be in mission with the people of Mozambique, Brazil and Cambodia. As partners in God’s mission, we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

The Virginia Conference through Initiatives of Hope is seeking to develop a “ministry of presence” with our partners. This ministry is about being with and working with, not doing to or doing for. Built on love, fueled by listening, and valuing our connection, we walk together in mission, witness God in each other, and experience transformation.

With Initiatives of Hope, we are invited into the lives of our partners as we listen to each other, we listen for God’s word, cultivate relationships and build trust. Through prayer, relationship, presence, and service we build partnerships of equals. There is much to be learned and shared, including worship styles, young adult initiatives, cross-cultural understanding, social programs, etc.

"Mission," as a lifestyle, is one in which we participate in God’s mission of grace and reconciliation in our daily lives, not just on specially designated “mission trips.” Cultivating a mission-focused church revitalizes the congregation. You are welcome to use our IOH Worship and Education Resources as materials in teaching the theology of mission and what "being missional" means in Christian education classes, as well as in church programming and worship. Many of these resources were contributed by our partners.

Initiatives of Hope focuses on mission that empowers the church, schools, medical facilities, and children’s centers toward a future of self-sufficiency and sustainability. You and your congregation can be part of these exciting ministries! Use the menu above to explore how you can get involved.